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Almost every single person walks on their feet every day of their lives. The well being and proper functioning of our feet is very important to our livelihoods. Unfortunately many people, especially women, have problems with their feet that cause discomfort or an inability to walk properly. If you are one of these people, visiting a podiatrist is an absolute must. Whether you have something simple such as a corn or callus or something more severe such as a deformity or injury to one of the bones, joints, ligaments, muscles or tendons that allow your foot to move, a podiatrist is specially trained to diagnose and treat health problems related to your feet.

The podiatric specialist at Manhattan Medical has extensive training in a variety of foot ailments, concentrating on foot surgery and diabetic foot care. He takes the time to educate each patient about their foot conditions and enjoys helping them heal and restore proper functioning. He provides general podiatry services and surgery as well as injury diagnosis and management.

Podiatry Services
Manhattan Medical offers a multitude of podiatry services; following are some of the most common:
• CT scan and MRI scan
• General podiatric care
• Neurological testing (NCVs and EMG)
• Pediatric foot care
• Physical therapy
• Ultrasound
• Vascular testing (Doppler studies)
• X-rays

Manhattan Medical’s podiatrists provide surgical and non-surgical treatment for foot problems.

Podiatry Conditions
There are many conditions that can affect your foot. Following is a comprehensive list of reasons to see a podiatrist.
• Achilles tendonitis
• Allergic contact dermatitis
• Ankle injuries
• Athlete’s foot
• Benign neoplasm (tumor)
• Brachymethatarsia
• Bunions, calluses, corns (surgical removal)
• Deformities
• Diabetic foot care
• Dislocations
• Flatfoot
• Ganglions
• Gate corrections
• Haglund’s deformity
• Hallux limitus
• Hammertoes
• Heel pain and fasciitis
• Infections
• Ingrown toenails
• Injuries (fractures, punctures, foreign bodies, sports injuries, sprains, strains)
• Metatarsalgia
• Morton’s neuromo
• Nail fungus
• Orthotics
• Osteoarthritis
• Plantar fasciitis
• Posterior tibial dysfunction
• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Sesamoiditis
• Skin cancer
• Tarsal tunnel syndrome
• Tendonitis
• Toe deformities
• Tumors
• Ulcer care
• Wound care
• Xerosis

Podiatry Treatment
If you have been diagnosed with a foot problem or think you may have a foot problem, please call Manhattan Medical today to schedule an appointment with our podiatric specialist.

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