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Choosing a trusted health care provider to help you manage your child’s health is essential. All children require routine visits to a pediatrician, a specialist in children’s health, for vaccines, wellness check ups and the common cold and flu. Some children have specialized conditions such as autism or asthma that require additional support by a pediatrician and pediatric specialists.
The pediatrician at Manhattan Medical focuses on building long-term relationships with her patients. This helps her provide the best advice throughout the child’s developmental years. In addition, Manhattan Medical has a beautiful play area for children, which makes each visit more enjoyable for both the parents and the patients.

Pediatric Services
Manhattan Medical can serve as your child’s “medical home” providing care for life’s routine health concerns. Should your child require specialized attention the pediatrician will refer you to a sub-specialist or hospital if needed.
• Blood pressure screenings
• Child advocacy
• Cholesterol screenings
• Developmental/behavioral assessments
• Height/weight/head measurements
• Hemoglobin analysis
• Immunizations/Vaccinations
• Injury prevention and treatment
• Lead screenings
• Metabolic screenings
• Nutrition counseling
• Physical examinations
• Preventative care
• Sensory screenings (hearing and sight)
• Sleep position counseling
• STD screening
• Tuberculin testing
• Urinalysis
• Vaccinations

Pediatric Conditions
Most of the time, Manhattan Medical’s pediatrician ensures the wellness of her patients with vaccinations and sound health advice. She has the expertise to diagnose and manage most conditions specific to children, which typically fall into the following categories.

Behavioral and Mental Health: Children cope with life’s stressful issues differently than adults and may develop behavioral and mental health conditions that can be treated or managed. This can include children with ADHD, autism, depression, learning disabilities, substance abuse issues, and suicidal thoughts.

Community Health: When working with children it is important to understand their whole life situation to ensure a positive environment for growth in family life, school, and the community. They may need special medical attention for school health, safety and first aid, violence prevention, and sports participation.

Diseases and Conditions: Just like adults children can develop (or be born with) various diseases and conditions such as ADHD, arthritis, asthma, allergies, autism, blindness, deafness, illnesses, diabetes, ear infections, birth defects, infections diseases, skin conditions, and obesity.

Family Health: Parents and children often seek advice from a pediatrician to manage family-related issues and questions about healthy development such as adoption, breastfeeding, child abuse/neglect, special needs, literacy, medications, neonatal care, newborn screenings, sexuality, physical activity and much more.

Healthy Development: Every child deserves to grow up healthy, safe and happy. A pediatrician can help parents understand what they can do to give their children the healthiest environment possible from birth. Health development can include questions about breastfeeding, immunizations, screenings, toilet training, and much more.

Pediatric Treatment
If you are looking for a pediatric partner in your child’s wellness or if your child has been diagnosed with a particular disease or condition, please call Manhattan Medical today to schedule an appointment with our pediatric specialist.

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