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The endocrine glands are very important in the human body. They secrete hormones that regulate the function of other cells and organ systems in the body. At times, the regulation and production of these hormones can become imbalanced.

Manhattan Medical’s endocrinologists take special care to treat these imbalances that affect the adrenal glands, thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary glands and pancreas. The endocrinologists work collaboratively to evaluate each patient’s condition and provide an individualized treatment plan to fit their needs. They also work closely with cardiology when conditions may also present symptoms of heart disease such as diabetes.

Endocrinology Services
Manhattan Medical offer management and treatment of all endocrine and metabolism disorders including (but not limited to) the following:
• Adrenal gland conditions (Addison’s Disease, Cushing’s Syndrome, hyperaldosteronism and adrenal tumors)
• Hormonal issues and growth hormone issues
• Metabolism disorders
• Osteoporosis and other disorders of bone and calcium
• Pancreas imbalances (diabetes problems)
• Parathyroid gland conditions (hyperparathyroidism)
• Pituitary gland conditions (pituitary tumors, prolactinomas, hypopituitarism)
• Thyroid imbalances (hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, thyroiditis, goiters, thyroid nodules, thyroid cancer)
• Disorders of gonads (testis, ovaries)

Endocrine Conditions
While there are many diseases and conditions that affect the endocrine system, some of the most common are listed below:
Diabetes: causes a person’s blood sugar to rise to dangerous levels. Over a period of time, diabetes can lead to more severe heart disease and stroke.
Hypothyroidism: caused by insufficient production of thyroid hormone. It typically causes fatigue, weight gain and constipation.
Osteoporosis: occurs when the body does not produce enough new bone and, over time, a person loses bone tissue and bone density.

Endocrinology Treatments
If you have been diagnosed with or think you may have an endocrine or metabolism condition, please call Manhattan Medical today to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists.

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