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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Dr. Areta PodhorodeckiAreta Podhorodecki, MD, is a board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist. She currently sees patients at Manhattan Medical. She graduated from the University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia, with her medical degree in 1980. She completed two years of medical residency in Australia and finished her post-graduate training in physical medicine and rehabilitation at St. Vincent’s Medical Center, New York.

Dr. Podhorodecki served as an attending physiatrist for the International Center for the Disabled in New York from 1986 to 1990. In 1987, she became board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation and a faculty member of Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. In 1989, she joined St. Vincent’s Department of Rehabilitation as an attending physician, where she continues to see patients. In 1991, she became board certified in electromyography and sports medicine in 2008.

Dr. Podhorodecki has been in private practice since 1988 and her areas of specialty include: hand, pregnancy pain syndromes, orthopedics, ergonomics, low back rehabilitation and BOTOX® injections for spasticity, headaches, dystonias and hyperhidrosis.

She presents widely at annual academic meetings and has numerous published articles. She is currently involved in a research project, “Correlation of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Baby’s Sex in Pregnant Women”. Dr. Podhorodecki is an assistant professor at New York Medical College and regularly gives lectures and tutorial to rehabilitation, neurology and orthopedic residents and medical students.

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